Born of a melting pot of cultural heritage, charisma and luminescent talent, Dario Black is making music that is making waves across the industry.

With a potent cocktail of Latin pop and soulful R&B, Dario Black has crafted a sound that turns heads. Throw in to this mix the influences of Venezuelan and Colombian heritage and you have a truly original sound that is moving audiences, internationally. At the heart of Dario Black’s work is his finely-honed vocal ability; a classic yet distinct palette of beautifully controlled vocal stylings that set alight beautiful melodies and sharp, crisp beats. Debut EP ‘Temporary Love’ in 2018 conformed Black’s status as an artist with huge potential and a distinct sound. Detailing his relationships and life with a rare honesty, this is music that speaks to people and has touched the hearts of many, especially those in the Latino and LGBTQ communities.

Now back with ‘Una Vez Mas’, his brand new single, Dario Black looks set to continue his exhilarating ascent. A unique fusion of Reggaeton shot with Jazz and Latin pop, ‘Una Vez Mas’ (Once Again ) captures a distinctly modern take on dating and disposable relationships in the digital era. A natural polymath, he directs his own music videos and produces his own tracks, Black is seemingly unstoppable as his project gathers yet more momentum. Currently based in LA, expect ‘Una Vez Mas’ to take this artist to the next level. Embrace the beauty of his music, dance to the beat of acceptance and pride; listen to Dario Black, today.