Dario Black is at the forefront of a new wave of Latinx artists who are redefining the pop music landscape for modern times. Living in Los Angeles, Dario’s experience gives his music a fresh perspective, making him one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the city in years.  His soulful blend of Latin pop and R&B has already won the hearts of countless listeners, and now, with the release of his most emotionally compelling music yet, he is prepared to reach a wider audience than ever.


“For many years I’ve felt I will not have a chance in Latin Music because of my sexuality,” Dario explains.  "I felt I’d never be accepted by the traditional standards of the music industry.”  Fortunately for Dario and his growing legion of fans, that has not been the case.  Since debuting in 2018 with the EP ‘Temporary Love,’ he has been steadily growing in stature, thanks to the global appeal of his sound.  He took his fusion of R&B and Latin influences to new heights in 2020 with the Spanish language single ‘Una Vez Mas’ in 2020.  An open hearted exploration of romance in our tumultuous modern era, the single furthered his reputation as one of the most vital voices of the new era.


Like most artists working in 2021, Dario has been deeply moved by the cultural upheavals that have dominated the airwaves over the past years.  The groundswell of support for Black, Latin, and LGTBQ+ communities inspired him to write ‘Soñar,’ a career defining anthem that cements his status.


Dario’s meteoric rise through the music industry has given hope to countless fans who feel they are finally being represented.  Dario has fully embraced his calling, continually dedicating himself to putting out the most inspirational music he possibly can while staying true to himself.  “I want to be completely transparent with who I am,” he says, “so I can inspire others to never be afraid to show their true self.”